7+ Stock Researching Productivity Tips

Last updated: May 31, 2022

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These tips are not just for stocks but for many other types of researching and some may not be as obvious as others. Focusing most on how to make this researching work more smothless.

It’s always a good idea to try to increase our productivity since time is our greatest resource. And with less time spent doing basic tasks we can focus more on the things that yields the result.

I always try to make a small task work faster and rely on just saving small amount of time for a higher total saving.

These are the ones I use and there’s always room for improvement and with time some of these will change.

These tips will be improved and updated whenever I find something better or something to add.

Use a Stock Screener

Stock screeners are a great tool to use to quickly find stocks that meets our criteria.

So we later on know what stocks deserve a deeper analyst.

All stocks is not on every stock screener so this is just a tool to try to automate some of the process. Keep that in mind.

Also most basic stock multiples show up on these so we can quickly see what the company has for a specific multiplier.

For example in some stock screeners we can sort by stock multipliers like P/E and if it’s higher than X we will simply not show it.

Setting more multipliers for example P/E under X and P/B under 1 could better find stocks that are more interesting since they fit our criteria.

  1. Bloomberg Terminal

    The professionals are using this but it’s very expensive so not realistic for us regular folk to use.

  2. Fitz

    Very popular screener that seems to be the favorite for most people

  3. Yahoo Finance

    Pretty common one as well.

  4. Financial Times

    For international Markets.

  5. Borsdata

    I like this premium but it’s sadly mostly just work for scandinavian companies.

  6. Bar chart

There is a lot more screeners and these are just some that I know of.

Browser Extensions

First of all use a good browser that supports Extensions/addons.

Not in any kind of order:

  • Google Chrome

    Pros: Simple, minimal, google family, syncing, fast.

    Cons: Not privacy respecting. Not entirely customizable. Heavy on the ram.

  • Firefox

    On android this supports extensions aswell

    Pros: Good privacy, customizable, extensions available on android.

  • Opera

  • Brave

  • Vivaldi

Test the browser on Speed Battle if you want the fastest.

List of browser extentions:

  • uBlock Origin

    Blocks adds and make us receive webpages without bloat. Youtube videos without ads.

  • I don't care about cookies

  • Video Speed Controller

    With D and S key you can speed up any kind of video in your browser. Make us being able to skip boring content in videos. And increasing video speed by 10% does make us

  • Return YouTube Dislike

    If a video has a lof of dislikes it is a warning that the video dosen’t probably fulfil the promise of the title. Or something else is wrong.

  • SponsorBlock for YouTube

    Skips sponsor and intro in youtube videos. Making us able to even faster see all the content.

Use Hotkeys

Speeds up the process by knowing what to press for keys. Sometimes it’s way faster to press a few buttons than for example scroll.

  • CTRL + F - Find in Page

    Just press this and then type in whatever you want to find in the webpage / document. For example if we want to find the revenue information we just write it in.

    Apparently most users don’t know this one and I use it for every document I’ve ever read.

  • CTRL + A - Select All

  • CTRL + C - Copy Text

  • CTRL + V - Paste Text

  • CTRL + Zoom + in & - out

  • CTRL + L - Target the search bar

  • CTRL + Shift

    In browsers go to next tab. We often find ourselves having many tabs open and this does indeed speed up the process.

  • CTRL + 1 - 9

    In browsers go to that tab.

  • ALT + TAB

    Change programs, for example the browser to a PDF reader.

YouTube Shortcuts:

  • F - Fullscreen

  • Space - Play/Pause

  • - Volume Up

  • - Volume Down

  • - Fast Forward ⤻ 10 sec

  • - Back ⤺ 10 sec

More Windows Shortcuts

More Chrome / Browser Shortcuts

If you find it very interesting you can even create your own Hotkeys with AutoHotkeys

Google More Specific

Let’s say we want a report of a company. We can simple typ type in Company Name * “Annual Report” filetype:pdf  and it should be somewhere in the front page.

* is to fill in the blanks between words.

The quotation mark “” and the search must contain that word or sentence.

.. means within the range of 2020..2022.

So if we wouldnt see any annual reports we can type in “annual report”

Google something like company name site:reddit.com do only find in that specific webpage

Type - before a word to exclude it from search.

List of more googe tips


Even More

Google Advanced Search

Using forums like reddit could provide useful. Just make sure the forums are not bias, so I prefer reddit. List of Subreddits on Reddit.com

Google Spreadsheets

Any Spreadsheets will do but I prefer google drive since it’s in the cloud

Since we sometimes have to calculate ourselves and rely on several years of data it’s alot easier to make a graph or just write them down.

Because it’s easy to forget or not see the whole picture.


Fixing our settings and making our device run more smoothly will in turn result in higher productivity.

In google we can change so for example every page we go into goes to a separate tab. Making us able to open up more pages for the same search. Or just use the middle mouse button.

In the browser we can set up startup pages, making us even more ready.

Startup programs in windows do so we have less annoying crap distracting us at the start of the computer and forcing us to have to turn it off


The tool we use to conduct our research is a machine capable of automation. We always have to keep that in mind.

When we make our device work more smothless we will in turn do more productive research.

If we do repetitive tasks some can be automated, if not all. Windows Task Scheduler is a tool for some automation.

Power Automate & AutoHotKey is also automation tools.

And if you are into programming, then python is for you. Since you can essentially automate everything you want using python. It's even used for retrieving and using financial data.

I would suggest learning some python if you regularly do repetitive stuff.

Whenever we do a repetitive task we have to think for ourself if a computer could do it. In some cases their are probably people that have already automated that task.

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