Where to Buy Domains: Finding the Best Deals

Last updated: Sep 18, 2023

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Discover top websites for budget-friendly domain purchases in our guide – find the best deals on domain registration today!


You'll notice that our list of domain registrars might look a bit different from others, and there's a reason for that. We've handpicked these registrars because they offer the most budget-friendly options we could find.

We understand the frustration of being lured in by a seemingly cheap first-year domain price, only to face exorbitant renewal costs later. So, our focus is on the long-term affordability of your domain investment.

We've organized our list from the least to the most expensive options, specifically comparing the prices of .com domains. Keep in mind that pricing may vary for other domain extensions like .io or .org, but our goal remains the same – helping you secure your online presence without emptying your wallet.


They have a super-fast DNS service, but they require you to use their DNS servers. Fortunately, their DNS is also among the fastest in the market, so being compelled to use their service may not be much of a concern.


They also provide comparisons to other web domain prices, which is a valuable feature. However, I have noticed that they do not include options like Cloudflare, which offers domains at a lower cost.

So, while it's a nice feature, I would recommend taking it with a grain of salt and keeping in mind that every company ultimately seeks to maximize profits.



Includes Whois protection for one year and free lifetime privacy, preventing others from easily identifying the domain's owner.

Offers one of the best search functions available.

While they provide excellent deals for the first year (sometimes even under $6), it appears their competitive pricing aims to attract initial sign-ups, as renewal costs tend to be relatively high.