The Ultimate List of Investing Podcasts

Last updated: Feb 28, 2024

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Here's a list ranging from the best to the less good investing podcasts, featuring over 100 investing podcasts we've discovered so far.

Do we recommend every podcast here?

Most of these podcasts in this list were at least once great. But a great deal of them might eventually turn into… something else. Usually that something else is a lower quality podcast or more money driven content.

That doesn’t mean it won’t be enjoyable at least for a while.

There are also hosts that are plain… bad and give out very bad advice. They however rank very high when you search for investment podcasts so I chose to include them here to and just hope everyone listening to them take it with a grain of salt.

So in short, no I don’t recommend every podcast episode but most of these podcasts channels have some great content, and often it is in the beginning somewhere.


Some of these podcasts can have the regular and occasional stock recommendations and it’s very dangerous to follow such advice. Even we at ChooseInvesting also have stocks we look into and show, but we never really recommend it over a simple and plain index fund. Mainly because we and most professionals statistically won’t pick better than the market. It’s the sad old truth.

We love to stock pick but picking stocks should be for people okay in underperforming a 5min set & forget investment strategy. And to assume you are in the top 10% is very bold and therefore not a really smart thing to do.

Because of these facts we always warn against stock picking. We care about your wallet & future investment success.

Barron's Streetwise Podcast

They interview finance and business folks, but it's not boring. Hough's funny, episodes are just 30 minutes, and he explains everything in simple terms. You'll learn tons without even trying! Check it out!

At Barron's Podcast

This podcast is like eavesdropping on successful business leaders talk about tech, companies, and being the boss. It's fun, insightful, and not your typical school stuff.

Odd Lots Podcast

It's not your typical investing show. Instead of boring stock talk, they dive into the fascinating backstories behind financial news you won't find in newspapers. It's like getting VIP access to the real story behind the headlines. Give it a listen!

The Compound And Friends Podcast

It's both informative and hilarious! Unlike some other finance shows, it's not dull at all. Give it a listen, you won't be disappointed!

Animal Spirits Podcast

They cover tons of topics and sometimes share book and movie recommendations at the end. Plus, they bring in guests for different perspectives. Worth checking out!

We Study Billionaires Podcast

  • Host: Stig Brodersen, Preston Pysh, William Green, Clay Finck, & Kyle Grieve.
  • Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify

They're super sharp, down-to-earth, and not afraid to question things. At the start they dive deep into the world of investing philosophy, especially Value Investing. It's like having cool older brothers sharing their wisdom with you—definitely worth a listen!

Investtalk Podcast

You know, it's a call-in podcast show, so you can dial in and ask anything you want about money, and they'll give you solid advice. Plus, they also chat about individual stocks, so you can learn about what's hot in the market.

Marketplace Podcast

This podcast uses cool stories and everyday things to explain what's happening in that trading floor – like why soda might cost more or why new games come out. No boring financial talk, just how it all affects you, even your phone savings! Basically, it's like having a friend explain money stuff in a fun way.

Motley Fool Money Podcast

  • Host: Dylan Lewis, Deidre Woollard, Ricky Mulvey, & Mary Long.
  • Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify

A team of investment analysts talks mainly about stocks. They delve into specific stocks and also cover economic topics like why things cost what they do and how to invest in general. It's incredibly easy to listen to their podcast daily.

Street Wisdom Podcast

Forget brainstorming sessions! Street Wisdom transforms your everyday walks into creativity boosters. Download audio guides to find inspiration right on your street, unlocking fresh ideas and a sense of well-being. It's a simple yet powerful practice designed to enhance your problem-solving and tap into your creative side.

Planet Money Podcast

  • Hosts: Amanda Aronczyk, Erika Beras, Mary Childs, Nick Fountain, Sarah Gonzalez, Jeff Guo, Alexi Horowitz-Ghazi & Kenny Malone.
  • Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify

Imagine Planet Money like the economic version of Buzzfeed: short, funny stories that use everyday stuff to explain how the crazy world of money works. Think video games, sneakers, even memes – anything you care about, they connect it to economics in a way that's fun and easy to understand. It's like learning about money without feeling like you're in class!

Trashfuture Podcast

  • Hosts: Riley, Milo Edwards, Hussein Kesvani, Nate Bethea, Alice Caldwell-Kelly.
  • Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify

They take the funny and weird parts of how companies work and the economy and turn it into a podcast. They're basically saying, "hey, this stuff is messed up, but let's laugh about it while we learn something." So, it's like your friend group talking about business stuff, but way more informed and with some dark jokes thrown in. It's not for everyone, but if you're curious about the world and how it works, Trashfuture can be a wild ride. Just be warned, it's not sugar-coated!

What Goes Up Podcast

Each week, they bring in guests who know all about different parts of the market, like stocks, bonds, currencies, and commodities. It's like uncovering the secrets of how money moves in the world. You should totally give it a listen!

Biggerpockets Money Podcast

Think budgeting tips, side hustle ideas, and stories of real people succeeding. It's like a finance friend group - fun, helpful, and focused on your financial future!

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, this podcast is your one-stop shop for strategies, market insights, and a supportive community. So tune in and unlock your real estate potential!

Life Kit Podcast

Budgeting, stress, school, parents - they got you covered. Bite-sized advice from experts, like your personal life coach on the go.

All-in Podcast

Think cutting-edge gadgets, crypto mysteries, and heated debates. Cool, intense, but not for everyone (think spicy food!). If you're curious about the future and big thinkers, check it out. Otherwise, it might be too strong.

Investing For Beginners Podcast

This podcast is specifically designed for those with little to no prior investing experience. They aim to simplify the often-intimidating world of investing for newcomers. Focus on making the stock market understandable and providing actionable strategies for building wealth.

Millennial Investing Podcast

This is your one-stop shop for all things investing, geared specifically towards millennials.

ClearValue Tax Podcast

The show offers a variety of information and tools to empower listeners to make informed financial decisions.

Topics range from investing and managing debt to retirement planning and navigating the financial landscape.

Essentially, it's a resource for people looking to improve their financial knowledge and well-being.

Stacking Benjamins Podcast

Fun hosts guide you, experts share wisdom, and listener questions join the mix for a lighthearted yet informative journey to financial well-being.

The Best One Yet Podcast

  • Hosts: Nick Martell & Jack Crivici-Kramer.

3 business stories, daily served fresh with witty commentary. Get your business news bite in 20 minutes, perfect for busy commuters or curious minds.

Chit Chat Money Podcast

  • Hosts: Ryan Henderson & Brett Schafer.

Want to uncover hot stocks and navigate the market? Featuring guest stock pitches, market insights, and expert chats.

Learn and grow alongside them, all with a casual, engaging style that welcomes beginners and veterans alike. Dive in and unlock your financial potential!

Rule Breaker Investing

  • Host: David Gardner

They dives deep into their specific philosophy of identifying and investing in disruptive companies. It's not just about any stock pick, but those that have the potential to shake up their industries and experience exponential growth.

Investing With IBD Podcast

  • Hosts: Justin Nielsen

Every week, experts unpack current trends, share timeless investing tips, and analyze hot stocks using charts. Learn from their insights and hone your trading skills, whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious beginner. Dive in and unlock your investing potential!

According to Sources Podcast

Host: Michael Samuels

A trader focusing on mergers and acquisitions, brings you the scoop on hottest deals (both confirmed and rumored). He doesn't just report the news, he shares his trading setups and insights, guiding you through the exciting world of event-driven investing.

Listen to expert guests dissect specific M&A plays and gain valuable knowledge, whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out. Dive in and unlock the potential of market-moving events!

Real Vision Presents Podcast

  • Hosts: Tony Greer, Katie Stockton, Jim Bianco, Jared Dillian, Thomas Thornton & Raoul Pal.

Each episode dives into current events and their influence, providing diverse perspectives on the global financial landscape. This podcast might be your go-to for in-depth market insights and informed investment decisions.

Bloomberg Trillions Podcast

  • Hosts: Joel Weber & Eric Balchunas.

Want to crack the code on Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)? Biweekly episodes explore specific ETFs, their strategies, and potential, offering valuable insights and tips from Bloomberg experts. Dive in, learn, and explore the exciting world of ETFs!

Business Wars Podcast

  • Hosts: David D. Brown

This podcast throws you into legendary corporate brawls! Nike vs. Adidas, Netflix vs. HBO - each episode unpacks their strategies, reveals juicy secrets, and shows how they shaped industries. Dive into competition's history, learn how giants clash, and get ready to be surprised!

Chat with Traders Podcast

  • Hosts: Ian Cox & Tessa Dao.

Each episode features interviews with elite traders, unpacking their journey, strategies, and mindset. Learn from pros across diverse styles and markets, gain actionable tips on risk, psychology, and technical analysis. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting out, this podcast is your roadmap to trading mastery (remember, research is key!).

Epsilon Theory Podcast

  • Hosts: Ben Hunt and Rusty Guinn. They dive deep, analyzing how narratives shape everything from politics to personal growth. Buckle up for unique perspectives, challenging insights, and connections you never saw coming. Think critically, question the stories, and empower yourself with this thought-provoking podcast!

FT Alphachat Podcast

  • Host: Cardiff Garcia

Each episode, a rotating cast of FT experts dives deep into a hot topic, from global markets to tech trends. Expect witty banter, diverse perspectives, and deep dives that leave you informed and entertained. Think of it as a casual chat with the smartest people in the room, all packed into a short, engaging listen. So tune in and unlock your inner business guru!

Futures Radio Show Podcast

  • Host: Anthony Crudele

Hosted by a veteran trader, it covers macroeconomics, technical analysis, and trading psychology to empower listeners to make informed decisions in the futures market. Think insights and strategies for both beginners and experienced traders.

Grant's Current Yield Podcast

  • Hosts: Jim Grant & Evan Lorenz.

Grant's Current Yield Podcast tackles big financial topics with historical twists. Hosted by Jim Grant, it uses the Grant's Interest Rate Observer lens to analyze markets. Think insightful debates, guest appearances, and thought-provoking views, even if you disagree. Financial discussions for curious minds, from casual to dedicated investors.

Hidden Forces Podcast

  • Host: Demetri Kofinas

Think deep dives into complex issues, interviews with experts, and unconventional thinking to help listeners understand and navigate the present and future. It's perfect for curious minds seeking unique perspectives on business, society, and technology.

Invest Like the Best Podcast

  • Hosts: Patrick O'Shaughnessy

Invest Like the Best Podcast delves into the world of investing by interviewing legendary investors and dissecting their strategies. Think deep dives into different investment philosophies, actionable insights from masters, and exploration of technology's impact on the market. It caters to both beginner and experienced investors seeking to learn from the best.

Macro Musings Podcast

  • Host: David Beckworth

If you're keen on macro investing, consider tuning into this podcast, although it leans heavily towards academic discussions led by a PhD host. While it delves into real-world topics like the Fed and QE/QT, its primary focus isn't investment strategies. Nonetheless, you'll gain valuable insights, such as the comparison between corridor and floor systems for interest rates.

MacroVoices Podcast

  • Host: Erik Townsend & Patrick Ceresna.

MacroVoices offers weekly market insights and interviews with economists and investors, covering macro trends and global economic developments.

With clear and actionable language, it caters to both seasoned investors and beginners. The host, initially a software engineer turned hedge fund manager, provides a market wrap focusing on oil, USD, gold, and the S&P 500, followed by macro-themed interviews.

While the host holds a bearish view on the US, the podcast's format allows guests to share their perspectives freely, making it a favorite for those interested in global macro investing.

Masters in Business Podcast

  • Host: Barry Ritholtz

The Masters in Business Podcast, hosted by a money manager, offers insightful interviews with leading thinkers and experts in business, investing, and markets, complemented by commentary from Ritholtz.

With a focus on decoding forces shaping various sectors, the podcast provides diverse perspectives and actionable takeaways. While guests primarily hail from the investing world, there's also overlap from management and startups, attracting big names such as Ray Dalio and Howard Marks.

Meb Faber Show Podcast

  • Host: Meb Faber

While the host is a quant, the podcast features a diverse array of guests, providing a well-rounded perspective on investment approaches. Despite its popularity, the show primarily focuses on investment strategies rather than delving into business or management topics.

Money Tree Investing Podcast

  • Host: Andrew Giancola

Hear insights from top investors, explore real estate and alternative strategies, and join lively panel discussions. Whether you're starting out or looking for new ideas, this podcast helps you make smarter investment decisions and reach your financial goals.

Peak Prosperity Podcast

  • Host: Chris Martenson

The Peak Prosperity Podcast provides a deep dive into the interconnected realms of economics, energy, environment, and geopolitics.

Martenson challenges conventional narratives and explores potential risks with expert guests, offering a thought-provoking journey for listeners interested in understanding the broader picture and building resilience for the future.

While Martenson maintains a bearish bias on US economics, his unique approach of starting with energy sets his podcast apart from others in the genre.

Radical Personal Finance Podcast

  • Host: Joshua Sheats

Explore bold strategies and conquer deep financial topics on this podcast, which focuses more on personal finance than investing. While episodes may not be ideal for improving investing skills, they offer valuable insights, such as managing student loans. Escape limiting beliefs and design a future where wealth empowers your dream life through actionable advice and inspiration.

SuperInvestors Podcast

  • Host: Jesse Felder

In SuperInvestors, Jesse Felder engages with financial experts, delving beyond investing strategies to uncover their life philosophies and worldly wisdom.

Expect a twist on finance discussions as the podcast explores paths to success both on and off the market. With insights from top professionals, listeners can gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to pursue their financial and personal aspirations.

While the host's interviewing style varies and the release schedule is irregular, anticipate questions heavily influenced by macroeconomic and technical factors.

The Big Question Podcast

  • Host: Detria Williamson.

Although it's been a while since its last episode, it was renowned for its coverage of international news and macroeconomic trends, providing a unique perspective compared to US-centric podcasts.

The Disciplined Investor Podcast

  • Host: Andrew Horowitz.

Andrew Horowitz analyzes markets, chats with industry experts, and shares specific strategies. Ditch generic advice, embrace discipline and value investing, and learn to navigate economic trends for profitable decisions. It's your roadmap to becoming a more confident investor.

The Indicator Podcast

  • Hosts: Cardiff Garcia & Danielle Kurtzleben

A spin-off of Planet Money, provides concise explanations of economic indicators like jobs numbers and yield curves without bias. Each 10-minute episode unravels complex economic topics, making it accessible for listeners of all levels. While it may be too beginner-level for avid finance podcast consumers, its brevity ensures that even seasoned listeners can gain valuable insights without investing too much time.

This Week In Startups Podcast

  • Hosts: Jason Calacanis & Molly Wood.

While Calacanis may boast about his achievements, the podcast offers valuable insights from renowned founders and investors, providing actionable advice for launching and growing ventures.

Despite the host's self-promotion, guests share compelling stories about their startups and strategies for success, making it an engaging listen for anyone interested in the startup ecosystem.

Michael Covel's Trend Following Podcast

  • Host: Michael Covel

While the host's tendency to dominate conversations may be a drawback, the podcast offers insights from a variety of guests, providing diverse perspectives on sentiment and momentum in trading. Dive deep, learn to analyze trends, and potentially enhance your portfolio's performance with this roadmap to trend-spotting profits.

Wealth Formula Podcast

  • Host: Buck Joffrey

Doctors, lawyers, dentists: forget the grind! "Wealth Formula Podcast" helps you build wealth beyond your paycheck. Host Buck Joffrey, a physician himself, explores real estate, angel investing, and more. Learn financial strategies, shift your mindset, and break free from the "golden handcuffs." Design a life you love, not just a job you tolerate.

Wealthtrack Podcast

  • Host: Consuelo Mack

With a focus on fundamental investing and occasional news updates, Mack invites insightful guests to provide actionable advice for building wealth wisely. Aimed at the buy-and-hold crowd, the podcast serves as a compass for navigating the complex financial landscape with confidence, helping listeners make smart decisions for their future.

Private Equity Funcast Podcast

  • Hosts: Jim Milbery & Devin Mathews.

While no longer active, Private Equity Funcast helped small businesses thrive! It explored how technology could boost operations for companies below $100 million in revenue.

Expect lively discussions, expert interviews, and practical tips on software, talent management, and marketing automation. Though the podcast is on hiatus, its insights remain valuable for businesses seeking tech-driven growth.

AllStarCharts Podcast

  • Host: JC Parets

Learn from the pros and gain market insights straight from the charts with a series of interviews featuring the best Technical Analysts in the world. This comprehensive resource offers diverse trading advice, real-time market analysis, and expert insights to help you navigate the markets confidently and chart your path to trading success.

InvestEd Podcast

  • Hosts: Phil Town & Danielle Town

Forget complicated investing! On InvestED Podcast, Phil and Danielle Town make successful investing simple by following Warren Buffet's strategies. Learn practical tips, understand key concepts, and get inspired by success stories. Achieve your financial goals and become a confident investor.

Rational Reminder Podcast

  • Hosts: Benjamin Felix & Cameron Passmore

These two Canadian Chartered Financial Analysts (CFAs), with a mix of youth and experience, offer evidence-based strategies and clear summaries of finance papers. With a focus on long-term investing and thoughtful analysis of funds and ETFs, they empower listeners to make informed decisions and build a secure financial future grounded in reason and data-driven insights.

Trillionaire Mindset Podcast

  • Hosts: Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa

Ben Cahn, a Wall Street trader, and his skeptical friend Emil DeRosa tackled business, politics, and finances with wit. Expect funny analyses, lighthearted takes on market trends, and lively discussions - a unique blend of humor and financial insights, all wrapped in a "chaotic" yet engaging package.

Macro Voices Podcast

  • Hosts: Erik Townsend & Patrick Ceresna

Hosts Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna dissect market trends, investment strategies, and economic dynamics. Hear insightful interviews with financial experts, gain diverse perspectives, and navigate the complexities of the markets with confidence. It's your key to understanding the forces shaping the global financial landscape.

Goldman Sachs Exchanges

Hear Goldman Sachs' leaders, investors, and analysts dissect critical issues shaping the global financial landscape. Each episode tackles a specific theme, from elections to industry trends, offering diverse perspectives and actionable insights. Deepen your understanding of the forces driving the global economy, one expert discussion at a time.

The Market Huddle Podcast

  • Hosts: Patrick Ceresna & Kevin Muir.

Dive deep into weekly market movements with insightful analysis and a dash of humor. Expect lively debates, honest critiques, and valuable information delivered in an engaging format. It's a fun and informative way to learn from experienced traders.

Forward Guidance Podcast

  • Host: Jack Farley.

This podcast explores the impact of global economics and central bank policies on your investments. Hear from top financial minds, discover future trends, and gain the insights you need to make informed decisions. Build your understanding of the market's inner workings and stay ahead of the curve.

Phil Ferguson Show Podcast

  • Host: Phil Ferguson

The Phil Ferguson Show Podcast tackles the "unmentionables": money, politics, and religion. Host Phil Ferguson, a self-proclaimed "recovering Catholic," tackles these topics head-on, offering information, opinions, and even interviews.

Expect stimulating discussions, financial tips, political analysis, and challenges to religious beliefs, all wrapped up in a critical thinking framework. Be ready to have your mind stretched and your comfort zone nudged.

Squawk on the Street Podcast

  • Hosts: Carl Quintanilla, Jim Cramer and David Faber

To be honest, I am not a fan of Jim Cramer, mainly due to his track record of providing highly inaccurate investment advice. There's even a reverse Cramer ETF that essentially does the opposite of his stock trades. Nonetheless, this topic is relevant to investing and finance, so it is on this list.

The Halftime Report Podcast

  • Host: Scott Wapner

The Halftime Report Podcast is a financial show hosted by Scott Wapner, focusing on real-time analysis of the US and Canadian stock markets. They dive deep into market movements and trends, featuring insights from top investors to keep listeners informed. Think of it as CNBC's "Halftime Report" TV show, but in podcast format.

Closing Bell Overtime Podcast

  • Hosts: Morgan Brennan & Jon Fortt.

Closing Bell Overtime is a financial podcast that continues the market analysis from CNBC's Closing Bell program. It focuses specifically on what happens after the closing bell, looking at after-hours trading, late-breaking news, and expert insights. This podcast helps investors understand the market's full picture, not just the regular trading day.

Fast Money Podcast

  • Host: Melissa Lee

It delivers quick insights and discussions on major financial news, helping listeners understand the market's movements. Think of it as a fast-paced financial analysis show.

Mad Money Podcast

Host: Jim Cramer.

Don't always listen to Jim Cramer for investing tips, and don't copy his stock choices. He can be a bit mad. But I still include it here because it's about money matters.

The Odd Couple of Investing Podcast

  • Hosts: Jim Lebenthal & Stephen Weiss

This podcast deliver entertaining yet informative discussions, focusing on undervalued stocks and strategies for navigating any market. Their experience working for top investors lends credibility to their analysis. Ultimately, the podcast aims to educate listeners, not provide direct financial advice.

On The Tape Podcast

  • Hosts: Guy Adami, Dan Nathan & Danny Moses.

They break down big financial news, provide trading ideas, and offer insights from Wall Street. They aim to equip you to make informed investment decisions.

Many Happy Returns PensionCraft Podcast

  • Hosts: Ramin Nakisa & Michael Pugh.

The PensionCraft Podcast aims to help you build investment knowledge and confidence for your long-term financial goals.

It covers everything from understanding investment types to creating strategies and addresses common investor questions. The hosts, Ramin Nakisa and Michael Pugh, break down investing concepts to empower you to take charge of your financial future.

Bogleheads on Investing Podcast

  • Host: Rick Ferri

The Bogleheads on Investing Podcast champions the investment philosophy of John Bogle, founder of Vanguard. It promotes low-cost index funds and long-term investing for passive management.

Hosted by Rick Ferri, the podcast educates listeners on these principles and features experts discussing how to implement them.

It aims to empower individuals to manage their investments through simple and effective strategies.

The Financial Mentor Podcast

  • Host: Todd R. Tresidder

The Financial Mentor Podcast offers unconventional wealth-building strategies and advanced investment tactics targeting individuals seeking financial freedom through smart investing. It goes beyond basic financial advice, aiming to empower listeners with proven but non-traditional approaches.

Market Measures Podcast

  • Hosts: David A. Yovanno & Todd Crawford

They dive into topics like options trading strategies, volatility analysis, futures, and more. The goal is to equip listeners with the knowledge to analyze the markets effectively and build sound trading mechanics. In essence, the podcast helps traders "take the measure of the market”.

Money for the Rest of Us Podcast

  • Host: David Stein

They aim to explain how money works, teach practical investing strategies, and help you build a financially secure future. The podcast covers basic money concepts, specific investment options, and even the emotional side of handling finances. The goal is to make personal finance accessible for everyone.

Wealthion - Be Financially Resilient Podcast

  • Hosts: James Connor & Brian Sponheimer.

Features interviews with expert investors who share insights on understanding markets and building a strong portfolio. The goal is to help listeners develop strategies for resilience in the face of market fluctuations. Basically, it's about learning to invest smartly for a secure financial future.

Capital Allocators Podcast

  • Host: Ted Seides

In-depth interviews with leaders like Chief Investment Officers, asset managers, and thought leaders. The focus is on exploring the strategies, decision-making processes, and insights of the world's top investors.

The Memo Podcast

  • Host: Howard Marks

The Memo Podcast is all about investment insights and business wisdom from veteran investor Howard Marks. It features readings and discussions of his periodic memos, which cover his unique perspective on the investment landscape and general business principles.

Essentially, it's a platform for Howard Marks to share his valuable experience and knowledge with listeners interested in the world of investments and business.

Stock Club Podcast

  • Hosts: Emmet Savage & Mike

They analyze current market trends, explore various investment strategies, and take a closer look at specific stocks. Essentially, it's all about helping you understand the market and become a more informed investor.

The Curious Quant

  • Host: Michael Kollo

Discussions with experts on topics like new market technologies and the applications of technical analysis. The podcast aims to provide insights for those interested in the data-driven side of finance. Essentially, it's a podcast for finance and tech enthusiasts.

Responsible Investing for a Sustainable Economy

  • Host: Tim Nash

About investing money in a way that benefits both your portfolio and the world. It explores topics like ESG integration, impact investing, and how finance can drive positive environmental and social change.

The podcast helps listeners understand how investments can be made ethically and responsibly. Ultimately, the aim is to show that investing for profit and creating a better world can go hand-in-hand.

Financial Heresy Podcast

  • Host: Joe Brown

The Financial Heresy Podcast challenges traditional financial advice. It dives into the complexities of the economy, critiques mainstream investment approaches, and offers strategies for those who like to actively manage their investments.

The podcast is designed for experienced investors seeking alternative perspectives and a deeper understanding of financial markets. Essentially, it's for those who question the status quo in the world of finance.

The Canadian Investor Podcast

  • Hosts: Braden Dennis & Simon Belanger.

It's an investment resource tailored to cater to the needs of all investors, not just Canadians.

It analyzes individual stocks, explores various investment strategies, and specifically addresses the unique aspects of the Canadian market. The podcast aims to provide investors with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions.

The Exchange Podcast

  • Host: Peter Thal Larsen

CNBC's "The Exchange" is a daily podcast focused on delivering essential business and financial news. It covers breaking market developments, provides in-depth analysis, and features interviews with key figures in the investment world.

The goal is to give listeners timely information and insights to guide their investment decisions throughout the trading day. Think of it as a quick, informative briefing on the world of finance.

The Investor Coaching Show Podcast

  • Host: Paul Winkler

The Investor Coaching Show Podcast is designed to help everyday people navigate the world of investing. It breaks down complex financial news, offers guidance on building investment strategies, and features expert advice.

The goal is to provide listeners with the knowledge and tools to confidently manage their money. It's essentially a personal finance class in podcast form.

Business Breakdowns Podcast

  • Host: Jesse Pujji, Matt Reustle & Zach Fuss.

The Business Breakdowns Podcast explores the inner workings of companies, examining their history, strategies, and financial performance. Through interviews with experts and deep analysis, the podcast helps listeners understand how businesses operate.

It's particularly useful for investors seeking in-depth knowledge about companies they might invest in. Essentially, the podcast teaches you the fundamentals of how businesses work.

Equity Mates Podcast

  • Hosts: Alec Renehan & Bryce Leske.

The Equity Mates Podcast is an Australian investing podcast aimed at beginners and millennials. It breaks down complex investing concepts in an easy-to-understand way, covers market news, and features interviews with experts.

The podcast's goal is to make investing less intimidating and help build a community of young investors. It's essentially a beginner's guide to investing delivered in a fun, conversational style.

Grant Williams Podcast

  • Host: Grant Williams

The Grant Williams Podcast delves into the world of finance, economics, and big ideas. It features in-depth interviews with influential figures and offers unconventional perspectives on global trends.

Thinkers and investors will find the podcast's exploration of complex financial and economic issues stimulating. Essentially, it's a podcast for those who want a deeper understanding of the forces shaping our global economy.

King World News Podcast

The King World News Podcast delves into market news and financial analysis. It features interviews with experts who offer predictions on market trends and economic events. The podcast has a specific emphasis on precious metals like gold and silver. It's a resource for those interested in staying informed about financial markets and the precious metals sector.

Palisades Gold Radio Podcast

  • Host: Collin Kettell

The Palisades Gold Radio Podcast focuses on the junior mining industry. It analyzes market trends, interviews experts to identify investment opportunities, and provides insights into the mining and energy sectors.

The podcast is designed for investors interested in junior mining exploration companies. Essentially, it's a resource to help you make informed decisions about investing in the exciting but often complex junior mining sector.

Liberty and Finance Podcast

  • Host: Dunagun Kaiser

The Liberty and Finance Podcast focuses on precious metals like gold and silver, analyzing their importance for a sound financial system.

It discusses current economic trends and their impacts on markets and individual freedoms. The podcast heavily promotes precious metals as currency and may touch on concepts from the Austrian school of economics.

Overall, it advocates for sound money principles and offers a specific perspective within the world of finance.

The Rebel Capitalist Show Podcast

  • Host: George Gammon

It features interviews with entrepreneurs, discussions on building wealth, and emphasizes the importance of individual freedoms.

The podcast focuses on investing strategies and encourages critical thinking about economics. Essentially, it's about understanding wealth-building while valuing personal liberty.

The Money GPS Podcast

  • Host: David Quintieri

The Money GPS Podcast aims to help you make sense of complex financial news and develop effective investing strategies.

It breaks down market trends and helps listeners understand investment options to reach their financial goals.

Think of it as a financial roadmap – the podcast offers guidance to navigate the world of money. Essentially, the podcast is designed to empower listeners to take control of their financial future.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

  • Host: Peter Schiff.

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast offers economic analysis with a focus on gold and silver as investments. Peter Schiff, known for his strong views on precious metals, hosts the podcast.

He critiques common economic beliefs and covers market news with the goal of encouraging critical thinking about the economy. Essentially, it's a podcast for those seeking alternative economic perspectives and insights on precious metals investing.

Stansberry Investor Hour Podcast

  • Host: Stansberry Research

The Stansberry Investor Hour Podcast helps listeners understand the stock market and make better investment decisions. It covers market analysis, interviews with financial experts, and explores different investment strategies.

The podcast may include discussion on technical analysis tools for further market insight. Essentially, it's a resource aimed at empowering investors with knowledge.

Wall St For Main St Podcast

  • Hosts: Jason Burack, Mo Dawoud & John Manfreda

The Wall St for Main St Podcast aims to make investing accessible for everyday people. It breaks down complex financial topics, provides market insights, and encourages listeners to challenge traditional financial advice.

The podcast features interviews with experts, offering diverse perspectives. Essentially, it's about empowering regular investors with the knowledge to make their own informed decisions.

SBTV Silver Bullion Podcast

  • Host: Silver Bullion

SBTV (Silver Bullion TV) Podcast is all about precious metals investing, with a strong focus on silver.

It provides market analysis, explores investment strategies, and discusses how the global economy affects precious metals.

The podcast features interviews with experts to offer diverse perspectives.

Essentially, it's a resource for those interested in learning about and potentially investing in precious metals, particularly silver.

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC) Podcast

  • Host: Harry Stebbings

The Twenty Minute VC (20VC) podcast offers a peek into the world of venture capital and tech startups.

Host Harry Stebbings interviews top venture capitalists and successful founders, uncovering their strategies and insights.

The podcast focuses on the latest tech trends and offers practical advice for both entrepreneurs and investors. Essentially, it's a must-listen for anyone interested in the ever-evolving world of tech innovation and funding.

Money for the Rest of Us Podcast

  • Host: David Stein.

The Money for the Rest of Us podcast is a personal finance guide for regular people. It aims to explain how money works, teach practical investing strategies, and help you build a financially secure future.

The podcast covers basic money concepts, specific investment options, and even the emotional side of handling finances. The goal is to make personal finance accessible for everyone.

Exponential Wisdom Podcast

  • Hosts: Peter Diamandis & Dan Sullivan.

The Exponential Wisdom Podcast explores how rapidly advancing technologies will reshape our future. Hosts Peter Diamandis and Dan Sullivan interview experts in various fields to discuss technological breakthroughs and their potential impact on society.

The podcast also focuses on how individuals can use technology and innovation to improve their lives. Essentially, it's about embracing the power of technology to solve problems and create a better future.

Pitchfork Economics Podcast

  • Host: Nick Hanauer

The Pitchfork Economics Podcast challenges traditional economic ideas with a focus on creating a more equitable economy.

Host Nick Hanauer critiques current policies and promotes a "middle-out" approach that aims to strengthen the middle class.

He interviews experts for diverse perspectives on economic issues. The podcast wants listeners to understand the economy and advocate for policies that benefit everyone, not just the wealthy.

Safeguard Wealth Management

  • Host: Safeguard Wealth Management

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