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Last updated: Oct 12, 2022

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Looking for a comprehensive list of money and investing subreddits on Reddit? Check out our blog post featuring every subreddit related to finance and investment on the site. From personal finance to stock trading, we've got you covered.

This list has 30 subreddits and growing.

What is Reddit, And Why Should I Use It?

Reddit is an excellent website to find pretty much anything. And it is very good at comparing stuff since you get more real people trying to help.

It's an entire community that shares the same specific interest.

For example, my list here is just made by me alone. Reddit is you and other people having any suggestions that get added or removed from here. And you all only read this because you find it interesting. So we all have the same goal and interest here.

Reddit is also very good at going very deep inside a subject. You don't need to know everything about investing right away. And it is a pretty broad subject. Going deeper can be more beneficial to you.

Basic Investing


Most about investing in the capital markets. Even when investing can include more assets.


Passive investing is probably the best thing to learn at first. John C. Bogle was the founder of the first index fund

These guys buy index funds and hold them as long as possible while beating most funds and investors.

They do less and earn more. Spend less money & time while also beating the average fund and investor.

Buy, hold, rebalance, and stay the course!


Everything financial related you can be thinking. Create a budget, savings, retirement, credit cards, taxes, and housing.

This subreddit is a jack of all trades.




People can share their stock picks and talk about anything related to stocks.


Penny stocks are earlier and riskier stocks, not really for anybody.


This subreddit focuses on dividend growth investing which means finding goods and stable companies that increase their dividends slightly over time.

Instead of just stock appreciation, you get money directly into your account. It can feel pretty good. No wonders why so many people want a dividend.

Safety is a big concern here.


It gets its name from the bible of value investing Security Analysis.

They examine the balance sheets and all other kinds of papers. Compare the companies to other ones related to that business.

And look at these numbers over time.


Much like /r/SecurityAnalysis but less advanced. Better to start here.


Don't take ANY financial advice from any of these guys.

Extremely risky gambles just for shits and giggles are the standard here. Nevertheless, it's very entertaining.

I feel like an expert in the field when I go into WSB.



Trading & Investing Strategies



Here it's all about the numbers. Think of this as statistical investing with programming.

They make numerical strategies and then try to automate them using programming.

If you like programming (mostly python), this subreddit may be for you.

But you don't have to understand programming but can just come in here for help with anything quantitative.


Sadly most people who get into day trading are performing worse by far. Compared to easy and passive index investing.

But some still succeed, even when they are just a few.

Day trading refers to all types of day trading, stocks, forex, etc.


Mostly about trading on stocks, options, futures, currencies, and commodities.



Options offer leverage and sometimes hedging for investments. They are often a more advanced strategy that is not for most since it's easy to lose money this way.

If you still are very interested in beginning options, look into the covered call strategy. It seems to be the safest of them all.

Financial and Economic News



News headlines about any markets.


Financial news


Economic News


Not only about stocks like the name implies but a lot more things such as forex, options, and analysis.





Anything cryptocurrency related.


The most popular cryptocurrency to date


Probably the second most used cryptocurrency.

Saving and Frugality-related subreddits

Good for savings.


Frugality is being economical. So here you can discuss everything that has to do with saving money or time.




Sadly some people are about to go homeless. And you can find any help with avoiding it or what to do.


For people who are struggling financially, you can also read about frugality.

Retirement / Retire Early



If you have heard about FIRE, this is it.

It's about working towards not having to work for money ever again. Like retiring, but you don't have to be old for it.

People think of retirement as 60+, but the truth is you can retire much earlier if you work towards it.


People who want to FIRE with a huge amount.

You work a lot and save and invest as much as possible. So when you finally hit your goal, you will receive a nice monthly income.

It requires hard work since you need as much money as possible now.


People who want to FIRE a frugality mindset.

Essentially you live cheap and most likely stay like that. It doesn't require much work, but you have been okay with living frugally.