Net Present Value (NPV) Calculator

Calculate Net Present Value (NPV) with ease using our calculator. Add unlimited cash flows and determine the profitability of your investments.

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Net Present Value Formula

The Net Present Value (NPV) is a financial metric used to determine the profitability of an investment or project by comparing the present value of its expected cash inflows to the present value of its initial investment and future cash outflows.

The formula to calculate NPV is:

                NPV = CF₁/(1+r)¹ + CF₂/(1+r)² + CF₃/(1+r)³ + ... + CFₙ/(1+r)ⁿ - Initial Investment
  • NPV: Net Present Value
  • CF₁, CF₂, CF₃, ..., CFₙ: Cash flows in each period
  • r: Discount rate or required rate of return
  • Initial Investment: Initial outlay or investment at time zero

The NPV calculation takes into account the time value of money, adjusting the cash flows from future periods by discounting them to their present value using the discount rate.

By evaluating the NPV, investors and businesses can assess the profitability and potential risks of an investment or project. A positive NPV indicates a profitable venture, while a negative NPV suggests potential losses.

What is Net Present Value?

The value of money varies depending on the timing of its receipt. For example, receiving $100 today is more advantageous than receiving $200 in 30 years. This discrepancy arises not only due to inflation but also because if you need $100 immediately, you may have to borrow money and pay interest over a long period. It's clear that receiving money sooner and delaying payments are preferable, right?

Net Present Value (NPV) is a financial concept designed to compare the worth of money at different time points. Consider two projects: Project A promises a profit of $1 million next year, while Project B offers a return of $1.3 million the year after. Which project should you choose?

NPV adjusts the value of each cash flow to the present by incorporating assumptions about interest rates. When assessing financial decisions, risk is a crucial factor, but there are additional considerations. The significance of money today outweighs that of money in the future. Net present value provides a framework to quantify this notion, enabling the organization of cash flows based on their payout timeline and prioritizing those with the earliest payoffs.

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