Cost of Capital Calculator

Calculate the cost of debt, equity, or capital using our calculator. Simply input two values, and we'll solve for the third. Make informed financial decisions today.

* Two inputs suffice to calculate the third.

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Cost of Capital Formula

Calculating the cost of capital can be done using the following formula:

Cost of Capital = (Weighted Average Cost of Debt * % of Debt) + (Weighted Average Cost of Equity * % of Equity)

  • Weighted Average Cost of Debt: the average interest rate a company pays on all of its debt.
  • % of Debt: the proportion of the company's capital structure that is composed of debt.
  • Weighted Average Cost of Equity: the return a company must generate to satisfy its shareholders.
  • % of Equity: the proportion of the company's capital structure that is composed of equity.

Using this formula, you can easily calculate the cost of capital for your business, which can help you make informed financial decisions.

What is Cost of Capital?

Cost of capital refers to the total amount of money that a company must pay to finance its operations, which includes both the cost of debt and the cost of equity. It is the minimum return that investors expect to earn for investing in a company's equity or debt.

A company's cost of capital is an important metric for evaluating the profitability of its projects and investments. If a company's cost of capital is high, it means that it is more expensive for the company to finance its operations, which can affect its ability to invest in growth opportunities or pay out dividends to shareholders.

Calculating the cost of capital can be complex, as it involves multiple factors such as interest rates, dividends, and stock prices. However, it is an essential metric for businesses to understand in order to make informed financial decisions.

By calculating the cost of capital, a company can determine the optimal mix of debt and equity financing to achieve the lowest possible cost of capital. This can help the company optimize its capital structure and improve its financial performance.

In short, cost of capital is a critical financial metric that helps companies make informed decisions about how to finance their operations and investments. By understanding the cost of capital, businesses can optimize their capital structure and maximize their profitability.

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