20 Free Financial Due Diligence Resources (With Examples)

Last updated: Aug 29, 2022

Person sits on a couch with his computer while the floor displays numbers as a watch.

The best free resources for financial due diligence I could find. All to increase your investment returns and help you. Some of these you should know about.

There are a lot of good investing resources out there. And some have taken me a while to find. And the usefulness of some of these is great, as I will show you here.

Some of these website resources have a premium version. But it is not required for making proper financial due diligence.

I have chosen to exclude Bloomberg Terminal. Because it is too expensive for the majority of people. At a staggering $ 2000 per MONTH.

And everything else that does not have a free version.

1. Sec.gov - Edgar

Stocks & Funds

Edgar Company Search

Underrated and the best tool there is for US companies. Using this tool is almost a must.

Here you can find all the company reports as the 10-k. In a standard format which makes it very easy to compare companies.

Nothing wrong with doing 90% of your due diligence here. There is a reason why I picked this first.

Every filing that a company has to report do exist within Sec.gov

Even has an API if you want to build an application or use it for one.

2. Morningstar

Fund Holdings


I prefer to use this for funds, like comparing funds over long periods of time. You can also see the fund holdings in a simple matter.

Displaying graphs next to each other makes it clear seeing if they are only mimicking the market.

There is also a lot more information here to help you do an analysis.

Free Morningstar Premium trick: Some people can get morningstar Premium using their local library card.


Financial Information


30 years of financial data. And in this age, data is king.

And they display the ratios year by year in a simple matter.

Many key ratios are otherwise pretty time-consuming to find out yourself. And yet, alone not display 16 years at least.


US Macro Data


The official website of the US Fed.

Here you can find economic data. And it is pretty easy to find.

For example, searched for the unemployment rate and got a graph from 1948 to the present age.

Say you want to see if the inflation is high compared to the historical average. Well, you are in luck because of this website.

Here we can see how serious something is. Like if the inflation is actually high in a historical sense.

There is a lot more US micro data here.

5. OpenInsider

Insider Trading & Options


See if insiders are buying/selling. There are several reasons to sell stocks but often only a good reason to buy them.

The people working inside a company know more than the average joe. This means they have an edge, so if they are buying, it can be a good sign.

For me, selling is less important because the insiders can be selling to afford something else. As a house, yacht, or whatever else insiders buy.

6. Dataroma

Institutional investors data


See what the institutional investors are holding, buying, and selling. Keep in mind that institutional investors own the majority of all public equities.

Institutional investors own 80% of all stock in the S&P 500.

Dataroma makes it easy to see if they add or reduce their ownership. Also, see how big a part of their holdings is of extreme usefulness.

Would you want to see Warren Buffet's portfolio? Well, here it is, you're welcome. Thanks to Dataroma

Or any other Institutional investors such as Michael Burry from the big short. Or Charlie Munger (Buffet's BFF). Or whoever else there is.


Stock Screener


The most popular free stock screener.

A stock screener is great at finding stocks of interest, at least for being free.

Stock screeners are great at findings stocks. That meets the given criteria. Say you do not want stocks that are unprofitable. And selling for lower than their book value, a screener can find that out fast.

19 Best FinViz Screens


Stock Screener


Stock screener that has a pretty good terminal.

9. Markets

Financial News, Key metrics


10. Whale Wisdom

Institutional / Fund Sentiment


Here you can also see what institutional investors are investing in. Much as Dataroma.com.

See where the "whales" invest in.

11. Finance Yahoo

Stock Screener, Options Chain, Earnings Calendar


Stock Screener, see option calls/puts, and much more.

Also has a Company Earnings Calendar.

12. StockChart

Stock Screener


This is great for stock research. Can work with scripts and custom scans.

13. SimplyWallstreet

Stock Analysis


You can say they are doing automatic stock research. And it is good-looking while being automatic.

Not perfect, especially since it does not show the branch-specific key ratios.

14. Trading View

Stock Screener, Performance Chart


Stock screener that is very popular within the technical analysis community.

Not only useful for that use case, but it can be worth checking out!

15. Seeking Alpha

News, Content


Finding news and other business-related content.

16. Public

Investing Platform


Supposed to be like Robinhood and have 0 fees.

Public.com is a regulated broker overseen by the SEC and FINRA.

17. Option Samurai



De-facto tool for options scanning.

18. Validea

Popular Strategies Historical Performance


Check for factor-based models based on strategies from legendary investors.

If you know an investor has a specific method, you can see how it has performed. Often for at least a 10-year period.

19. MacroTrends

Market Indicators, Stock screener, Commodities


If you want to see a chart of corn prices, this is a pretty good resource. Not only just corn thought but any other commodity.

20. SwaggyStocks

Forums Data


If you're into meme stocks, you can see what people talk about in forums. At least a funny resource.